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Promotion of integrated economic systems

The positive results of the last few years show that with our “2020 Strategy” in 2012 we made the right decisions and are well positioned in the international development market. We enjoy the trust of our donors and partners. Nevertheless, we work in an ever-changing environment and considerable risks. Development work takes place in volatile and fragile political and economic systems. This means we must remain flexible in all our commitments. With its new strategic orientation, Swisscontact is investing in the future in order to remain a reliable and important development organisation for private and public donors.

Swisscontact was founded in 1959 as a private, independent foundation. It is involved exclusively in international development cooperation. Since its foundation, Swisscontact has been closely tied to the private sector. We have not changed our original vision or objective, we have only adapted our approach over time to the standards of international discussions on development cooperation.

We are convinced that we can make a meaningful contribution to prosperity in developing countries, in that we constantly adapt our skills to the new challenges we face and see ourselves as a learning organisation.

What we do: fighting poverty through inclusive economic development

We focus primarily on the first dimension of poverty, related to employment, a decent income, and access to services. Swisscontact supports inclusive economic growth associated with social and environmental objectives along with equality of opportunity for all.

How we work: empowering local actors

Our work targets inclusive, private sector-led growth with a focus on economic impacts, in which gender equality and environmental sustainability are equally important. This strengthens our conviction that the private sector is the most important engine of economic growth and in long-term poverty-fighting measures.

Swisscontact focuses on:

  • providing improved support services to people and SMEs (at micro level);
  • institutional capacity-building through creating and fostering professional associations, unions, and interest groups (meso level);
  • and implementing processes to adapt and improve the regulatory environment, where necessary and feasible (macro level).

Essential to these efforts are skills development, access to the job market, and job creation.

Quality, professionality, and reliability: strategic initiatives

We will continue to invest in our organisational capacity. Following a strategy review in 2018, we introduced a restructured organisational set-up, which we will be implementing over the next few years, to support our strategic ambitions. To this end, we have ensured to diversify our pool of donors, expanding partnerships with the private sector, comply with high quality standards on all levels, and improve impacts throughout the life of any given project. Empowering our employees is central to these efforts: having the right people in the right place.

This is how Swisscontact will be prepared to face upcoming challenges, and in the future, we will continue to be able to implement our organisational objectives reliably, responsibly and deliver a quality contribution.

The archive photos on this website were kindly provided by the Archives of Contemporary History.

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